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100 Coolest Science Experiments on YouTube

Although YouTube has something of a reputation as a repository for the inane mental diarrhea of stunted man-children injuring each other for cheap laughs or shrill teenage drama queens shrieking like harpies over the latest bland, interchangeable lump passing as the epitome of masculine beauty, many others thankfully take advantage of its services as a portal to share their knowledge and educate viewers. While few of the scientific offerings formally follow the scientific method or test an explicitly stated hypothesis, even those videos veering more towards demonstrating various principles, theories, and laws still offer visitors a chance to learn something about how the world around them operates. By this point, it should go without saying that many of the following videos contain procedures that may be dangerous to perform at home or without the proper equipment and/or training. Please do not duplicate any of these experiments unless assured that they are entirely safe for amateurs.

    trebuchet1. Rubidium and Cesium in water : Chemistry students everywhere greatly enjoy the veritable fireworks that result when alkaline metals come into contact with water.

    2. Dry Ice Bubble : This fun, simple demonstration creates a giant soap bubble with dry ice perfect for entertaining children.

    3. Liquid Light – Cool Science Experiment : Steve Spangler hosts a rather large number of fantastic and informative videos on YouTube, and this one involves the luminescent science behind glow sticks.

    4. Home Experiment: Newton’s First Law/Law of Inertia : This basic experiment illustrates one of Sir Isaac Newton’s most fundamental principles – “an object at rest stays at rest.”

    5. Fun Science Experiments: How to Build a Water Rocket : One of the many delightful videos hosted by eHow’s Expert Village involves instructions on building a water rocket out of a plastic bottle, demonstrating how air pressure works.

    6. Death by Pop Rocks? : Discovery Channel’s venerable Mythbusters team uses science to test a popular urban legend dictating that a combination of Pop Rocks and soda will cause a stomach to explode.

    7. Bill Nye The Science Guy on Ocean Currents (oceanography (Full Clip) : Learn how the ocean ebbs and flows and the behavior of different types of currents with Bill Nye’s informative, detailed demonstration.

    8. Quirkles KOLR 10 Kitchen Chemistry Kal Science Experiment : Children’s author and teacher Terri Johnson promotes the Quirkles series she co-authored with a couple of kid-friendly experiments from the books.

    9. How do you keep an egg from breaking? : How Stuff Works creator Marshall Brain offers a peek into the science behind a shattering egg and ways to prevent breakage by diverting the energy behind the fall.

    10. Paper Chromatography BIOLOGY EXPERIMENT | Pakistan Science Club | : The Pakistan Science Club shows viewers how to create beautifully colored chromatography using paper, crushed flowers, and chemical solutions.

    11. 3 Magical Science Experiments You Can Do At Home! – Part 1 : Inspired by Harry Potter, Dan Jambuck shows off some experiments suitable for the home that prove sometimes reality may very well be stranger than fiction. Part 2 is available here.

    12. Kid’s Science Experiment To Show CO2 Is Heavier Than Air : Using everyday ingredients, this experiment focuses on illustrating the weight of carbon dioxide when weighted against other gases in the atmosphere.

    13. Electric Pickle – Cool Science Experiment : Another Steve Spangler venture, the very amusing and highly informative electric pickle experiment uses the foodstuff as a necessary link in an electric circuit.

    14. Chemistry experiment 10 – Elephant’s toothpaste : Elephant’s toothpaste delights viewers of all ages as hydrogen peroxide decomposes after mixing with liquid soap and being exposed to a potassium iodide solution.

    trebuchet15. Cool Science Experiments for Kids: Water’s Skin & Surface Tension: How to Release Surface Tension : Many observant children are fascinated by water’s curious properties, and this interesting video only piques their curiosity further.

    16. Mythbusters – Cooking Oil as Economical Diesel Fuel : Take a peek into one possible alternative fuel system and how it works along with the always enjoyable Mythbusters.

    17. Bill Nye The Science Guy on Chemical Reactions (Full Clip) : Chemical reactions literally keep life propelling itself ever further, and Bill Nye offers his own unique brand of insight on these processes.

    18. Caenorhabditis elegans swimming at low Reynolds number : This video is intended as an accompaniment to the paper “Crawling and Swimming of Nematodes in Complex Fluids” by 6 University of Pennsylvania students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics.

    19. Social Pychology Experiment : A seemingly simplistic study, this inquiry into perceived gender roles offers an intriguing glimpse into human behavior and conditioning.

    20. Osmosis BIOLOGY EXPERIMENT | Pakistan Science Club | : Join the Pakistan Science Club as they demonstrate the process of osmosis – which is, among many other things, necessary for cellular health.

    21. How much sugar is in a can of soda? : Kitchen science remains one of the most accessible methods of learning broader principles that drive existence, and Marshall Brain presents a simple, easy experiment to inform viewers of nutrition and evaporation.

    22. Pigs Head Dissection 2008 Pt. 1 : Although many view the act as ghastly, dissection offers the most accurate portrait of how organisms execute daily operations both voluntary and involuntary. Part 2 of the intimate exploration of a pig’s head may be found here.

    23. Science of the Olympics – Cool Science Experiment : Children who love sports will find themselves engulfed in learning all the scientific principles working behind the scenes from the prolific Steve Spangler.

    24. 4340 steel tensile test : Materials science and engineering both involve tensile testing to ensure stability of a substance. Watch firsthand how these experiments are performed.

    25. Fun Science Experiments: How to Make a Cloud in a Bottle : Teach kids the fascinating process of condensation by seeing it applied to an everyday meteorological phenomenon.

    26. Mythbusters – Surfing With Dynamite : Pulling from internet culture, the Mythbusters tackle the reality behind a viral video of surfers catching waves artificially induced using dynamite as a conduit.

    27. Bill Nye the Science Guy on Wind (Full Clip) : Heating, cooling, air resistance, astronomy, and other factors of wind are all explained using Bill Nye’s “great big plastic wind box of science.”

    28. flexure based 4 point bending setup : Dr. Scott Thompson at the University of Florida offers those interested in engineering a demonstration of how a flexure jig works.

    29. DNA Extraction Home Experiment : Learning about the very building blocks of genetics does not require a trip to sophisticated labs and access to expensive equipment. As this video demonstrates, it is entirely possible to extract DNA from matter using ingredients easily purchased at grocery and drug stores.

    30. Home experiments: The non-popping balloon : This video appeals to kids and parents alike, showcasing an enjoyable experiment involving a seemingly invincible balloon.

    31. Tea bag rocket science experiment : Simple, fun, quirky, and entirely feasible for school or home use, the tea bag rocket looks at science from an unexpected but not unwelcome angle.

    32. Still want to smoke? : Part science, part activist statement, take a provocative glimpse into just how much tar comes crammed in cigarettes.

    33. Cornstarch Walk on Water – Cool Science Experiment : In spite of the mess left behind, a mixture of cornstarch and water teach kids about non-Newtonian fluids while at the same time teaching them how to walk on it without sinking.

    trebuchet34. 4 ways to make fire without matches by using chemistry : While not necessarily advisable for everyday practice in the home, this video challenges preconceived perceptions held by those disconnected from the scientific realm.

    35. Fun Science Experiments: How to Make a Miniature Volcano : Homemade volcanoes have wrongfully been regarded as something of a science fair cliché, but their prolificacy does not negate their educational value in any way.

    36. Mythbusters – Soapy water + methane : Few can resist the siren song of science experiments involving fire, and fewer still can say no to watching the Mythbusters as the ones instigating the flames.

    37. Bill Nye the Science Guy on Static Electricity (Full Clip) : Find out the driving forces behind those irritating but fascinating little sparks and hair that seemingly defies gravity with Bill Nye’s undeniably entertaining demonstrations and discussions.

    38. The Infamous Double Slit Experiment : With detailed 3D animation, dive into the mysteries of quantum physics and interference by watching how one of the field’s most intriguing experiments works.

    39. Astronomy Simplified (#3): Speed of Light Experiment : The physics behind astronomy appears intimidating to many, but fortunately videos such as these render it far more accessible to the general public. Here, viewers can earn a crash course in how scientists measure how fast light travels throughout the universe.

    40. Plants Science Experiments for Kids : Introduce children to the wonders of botany with a few different experiments revolving around plant life.

    41. Properties of Matter – Science Experiments for Kids : Using ingredients common to many homes – or at least readily available at grocery, drug, and hardware stores – children can learn about the solids, liquids, and gasses.

    42. Flaming Heart of Love : Seventh and eighth grade classes combine to celebrate Valentine’s Day in rather unique and explosive way.

    43. Carbon Dioxide Sandwich – Cool Science Experiment : Steve Spangler and his youthful assistants create “sandwich bombs” out of plastic bags and chemistry.

    44. How to Test if Fertilizer Has Nitrates in it : This insightful demonstration illustrates ways to test a fertilizer’s composition for instances where such information is lacking on the package.

    45. Fun Science Experiments: How to Make a Tesla Coil : Children and adults alike can learn the very basics about the amazing Tesla coil and how it works.

    46. Mythbusters: Are elephants afraid of mice? : The Mythbusters do what they do best as they test one prevailing story of animal behavior to some extremely surprising results.

    47. Bill Nye the Science Guy on Momentum (Full Clip) : Take a trip to the bowling alley with Bill Nye and receive a lesson in momentum and the ways in which it drives the universe.

    48. Chemistry experiment 1. – Fire without matches. : Another video concerning itself with creating fire using chemicals outside of the expected match setting.

    49. Chemistry Experiment – exploding bubbles : While slow, enjoy what happens when fire is applied to bubbles created using hydrogen gas.

    50. Instant hot ice : Hot ice may seem oxymoronic, but this detailed process illustrates how to create ice with a chemical compound that freezes when touched.

    51. How does your body digest food? : Marshall Brain dives into the digestive process and presents an experiment that replicates how the stomach and intestines break down food.

    52. A Color You Can’t See : Enthusiastic scientist Robert Krampf illustrates how remote controls operate using areas of the light spectrum undetectable by the human eye.

    53. How to Make a GAK Glacier – Science at Sea : Using GAK as his conduit, Steve Spangler shows viewers the intriguing behavior of the glaciers he encountered in Alaska.

    54. How to Purify by Recrystallization : The host of YouTube’s entertaining Nurd Rage channel walks visitors through his process of purifying aluminum nitrate and strontium nitrate through recrystallization.

    55. Fun Science Experiments: How to Make a Tornado in a Bottle : Another old favorite, the tornado in a bottle creates a miniature whirlpool that illustrates the movement and behavior of water with artistic flair.

    56. Mythbusters – Steam Machine Gun : Peer into the rumors of Civil War-era technology and marvel how the Mythbusters attempt to separate fiction from fact with plenty of ammunition at their disposal.

    57. Bill Nye the Science Guy on Balance (Full Clip) : Balance is such an integral aspect of everyday existence that many people do not consider the intricate science behind it.

    58. Chemistry experiment 2. – Coloured flask. : Watch a stunning array of colors flash through a flask filled with a solution of sugar, NaOH, and KMnO4.

    59. Chemistry Experiment: Distillation of Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) : This video distills and purifies grain alcohol from 151 to 191 proof. Suffice to say, it is not a wise idea to attempt and replicate this at home.

    60. cat dissection : Learn more about mammalian anatomy and physiology as biology instructor Heather Olivier walks viewers through a cat’s body.

    61. documentation for a cognitive science experiment : Cognitive science and psychology converge in a summary of a memory experiment conducted by J. Gluckstern.

    62. Pictures in Silver : Art and science sadly exist as separate entities in the minds of most people, but Robert Krampf illustrates how the two intertwine by looking at the chemistry behind photography.

    63. Fine Dust Explosion – Lycopodium Powder : Steve Spangler highlights the hazards of a fine dust explosion and even creates fireballs using lycopodium powder.

    64. How To Make Glow in the Dark Powder : The Nurd Rage host creates a stunning glow in the dark powder using the purified aluminum nitrate and strontium nitrate from a previous video.

    trebuchet65. Fun Science Experiments: How to Build a Trebuchet : High school student everywhere often consider trebuchets and catapults the most tolerable projects in their physics classes.

    66. Mythbusters – Water Torture : Watch Kari Byron submit herself to Chinese water torture in a test existing on the convergence of hard science and psychology.

    67. Bill Nye the Science Guy on Energy (Full Clip) : Another driving force behind the universe, energy is ruled by a number of fascinating rules, restrictions, and principles.

    68. Chemistry experiment 11 – Jumping sodium : Sodium is better known for exploding in water, but begins acting in an amusingly erratic manner when placed in a test tube full of both gasoline and the most common chemical compound on Earth.

    69. Chemistry experiment – Indicating starch : Learn how iodine solutions turn dark blue after contact with starch with this quick, simple demonstration.

    70. University of Maryland Three Meter Experiment : The Lathrop Lab at the University of Maryland hopes to unlock the secrets of astronomy by replicating the magnetic fields of planetary cores right here on Earth.

    trebuchet71. Big Bang experiment/CERN laboratory video : Pull back the curtains and learn about CERN’s attempts to recreate the conditions of the Big Bang using the Large Hadron Collider.

    72. Microwave Chocolate : Robert Krampf’s foray into food science illustrates how microwaves work in an oven setting.

    73. Microwave Ivory Soap – Cool Science Experiment : Discover the secrets behind Ivory Soap’s unique physical structure after exposure to an extreme heat source.

    74. How to make a Desiccator Bag for Drying Chemicals : Although information presented in this video may not have any daily applications for those not working with chemicals, it is still very interesting to take a peek into the methods and processes utilized by those who do.

    75. Fun Science Experiments: How to Make Flubber or Slime : Slime and other gooey substances are an undeniable favorite when it comes to kid-friendly science experiments.

    76. Mythbusters Moonwalk hoax:In one of their most involved and entertaining projects to date, the Mythbusters debunk the belief that NASA and the American government staged the moon landing using scientific explanations.

    77. Bill Nye the Science Guy on Pressure (Full Clip) : Watch Bill Nye explain how pressure works through a series of entertaining and informative demonstrations.

    78. Chemistry experiment 12 – Thermal decomposition (thermolysis) : Not many people realize that heat can decompose just like matter, and this experiment shows the process using sugar, ammonium dichromate, and ammonium trichromate.

    79. Chemistry experiment – KmnO4 + NaOH + sugar : Marvel at the vivid colors that result when potassium permanganate is introduced into a solution of sugar and sodium hydroxide.

    80. Crazy cool Science Experiment : The men behind the infamous Diet Coke and Mentos apply their fun, entertaining brand of science to sticky notes.

    81. How To Make A Real Lava Lamp : Even home décor from the questionable tastes of yore have reasonable scientific explanations behind them.

    82. A Watched Pot : A simple pot of boiling water offers a slew of lessons in several different scientific disciplines.

    83. Fun With Liquid Nitrogen – Cool Science Experiment : One canister of liquid nitrogen carries with it a slew of simultaneously informative and entertaining possibilities.

    84. Make Europium and Dysprosium Nitrate salts. : Watch the toxic process that ultimately results in europium and dysprosium nitrate salts to save time and money when it comes to ordering chemicals.

    85. Fun Science Experiments: How to Blow Up a Balloon With Baking Soda & Vinegar : Balloons factor into many experiments aimed at children to add color and a relatable framework for scientific principles.

    86. Mythbusters – Drowning Cockroaches? : Many believe that the hearty, seemingly invincible cockroach will exist as one of the sole surviving species following a nuclear holocaust. This video tackles the question of just how resilient these insects truly are.

    87. Bill Nye the Science Guy on Light Bending & Bouncing (Full Clip) : Explore and discover the physics and behavior of light when forced to travel through a number of different obstructions.

    88. Chemistry experiment 7 – Purple smoke : In continuing the pyromaniac sub-theme of this list, witness a series of different chemical mixes heated to the point of explosion.

    89. Chemistry experiment – NaOH + aluminum : Sodium hydroxide and aluminum react with a sizzle, a fizz, and a haze of hydrogen gas.

    90. Wireless Electricity (one of a kind experiment) : Using a high voltage plasma light stick, a multimeter, and LED light display, it is possible to create electricity without the use of wires and circuits.

    91. Autonomous multi-robot experiment with human controllers : Those who enjoy engineering and robotics will find themselves particularly fascinated by this demonstration of human-robot interaction.

    92. Making Butter : The always pleasant Robert Krampf stirs up some delicious science with his demonstration on making butter.

    93. Egg in the Bottle Experiment with a Twist : Steve Spangler offers up a new perspective on the tried-and-true classic that sucks a hard-boiled egg into a bottle using fire.

    94. Make a Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery : This video instructs viewers on creating a very rudimentary, but long-lasting, lithium thionyl chloride battery. Be forewarned about trying this particular procedure at home, as the ingredients are highly toxic.

    95. Fun Science Experiments: How to Build a Catapult : One of the most basic physics projects around is also one of the most enjoyable, and Colin Kilbane teaches viewers how to make a tiny, very simple machine right at home.

    96. Mythbusters – Water Stun Gun : Whenever the Mythbusters have to tackle a question involving weaponry, it always results in one of the most entertaining and informative ways to learn about science.

    97. Bill Nye the Science Guy on Blood & Circulation (Full Clip) : Human anatomy and physiology have a lot more in common with flying supersonic jets than one would think.

    98. Chemistry experiment 3. – Dehydration of sugar. : Learn how sugar begins to lose all its water after exposure to sulfuric acid in this relatively simple procedure.

    99. Plants Science Experiments – Beans Explosion : Beans are awesome. Explosions are awesome. Exploding beans are even better, and they serve the dual purpose of informing as well as amazing.

    100. Mythbusters – Diet Coke & Mentos : Delight in watching the Mythbusters as they offer up their own take on the original viral video sensation involving what happens when Mentos come in contact with Diet Coke.

Amateur, hobbyist, and professional scientists of all ages can all easily find YouTube videos to satisfy their curiosity. Whether their passion lay with chemistry, physics, astronomy, biology, psychology, or explosions, it is easy to seek out experiments and demonstrations offering invaluable intellectual stimulation.

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