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X-Ray Tech Salary: How Much Does X-Ray Tech Make an Hour?

The hourly wages for x-ray technicians have grown consistently over the last few years because of increasing demand nationally for trained health care experts. X-ray techs enjoy an average annual salary of approximately $25.00 per hour. The lowest starting salary is generally around $18.00 per hour and the highest is approximately $48.00 per hour. Finding employment as an x-ray technichian is fairly easy compared to other health care fields, as x-ray and other diagnostic imaging technology and those trained to use the devices are in high demand nearly everywhere.

While just over 60% of x-ray technician jobs are in large hospitals or major medical facilities, positions are also available in less stressful locations such as dentist’s offices, medical clinics, and assisted-living homes. Over the next 8 years, the x-ray technician profession is expected to grow in size by about fifteen percent, which is faster than the average for all careers, due primarily to a growing elderly population in need of health care, especially diagnostic imaging services.