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Top 100 Cutting-Edge Science Blogs

If you’re a scientist or just a science nut, trying to keep up with the latest in the scientific news and commentary via the internet can be a dizzying task. There are literally tens of thousands of blogs ranging from broad overviews of scientific breakthroughs to in-depth coverage of a specific scientific niche. So to help you keep up to date on the latest in scientific developments we have provided a list of what we consider to be the top 100 cutting-edge science blogs, arranged by category. While our methodology, personal opinion, is subject to criticism, we have provided what we believe to be the 100 “best of the best” or at a minimum a really good place to begin your own exploration of the science blogosphere.


These science blogs offer a little bit of everyting.

  1. Science Blog: This blog covers anything and everything science.
  2. SciGuy: Eric Berger provides readers with current events and insightful commentary.
  3. Open Parachute: This blog takes a look at a number of intriguing science topics.
  4. Science Musings: Find out about exciting things happeining in science on this blog.
  5. LiveScience: This multiple-author blog covers everything from the environment to the animal world.
  6. Scientific Frontline Communication Center: Scientific Frontline has everything from weather to space exploration.
  7. The Inoculated Mind: This blog offers an informed look at a variety of science topics.
  8. Wired Science: The science division of wired shares current events in science.
  9. All the Best Bits: This blog attempts to deliver the best of technology, physics, and beyond.


These blogs will show you what’s beyond the stars.

  1. Bad Astronomy: Phil Plait discusses astronomy that should make you nervous.
  2. The Planetary Society Blog: Check out this blog for the latest in space science, exploration, and advocacy.
  3. Astronomy Picture of the Day: NASA shares exceptional astronomy photos.
  4. Blackholes and astrostuff: Follow the latest astronomy news on this blog.
  5. The Earth, Weather and Space Blog: Keep up with astronomic findings, current events, and more here.
  6. Astroprof’s Page: This college professor shares knowledge about physics and astronomy.
  7. NASA Watch: Keep an eye on what NASA’s up to on this blog.
  8. QUASAR9: Get a good look at astronomical phenomena and more in this blog.
  9. Deep Sky Blog: Find discussions of spaceflight, alien life, and other topics in space exploration on this blog.


Check out these blogs for an authoritative science source.

  1. Public Library of Science: Get access to lots of scientific information through this blog.
  2. Visions: Missouri’s science and technology research fills the posts of this blog.
  3. Women’s Bioethics Blog: This blog offers input from scholars and public policy analysts on the subject of women’s bioethics.
  4. The n-Category Cafe: This math, physics, and philosophy blog is written by a group from the Univeristy of Texas.
  5. Prometheus: This science policy blog from the University of Colorado offers news and commentary.


Stay on top of the latest in science research with these blogs.

  1. TierneyLab: John Tierney puts conventional science wisdom to the test.
  2. Ouroboros: Here you’ll find the latest research on aging.
  3. Halley VI: Peek into a research project in Antarctica.
  4. Impact Lab: Take a look at the future of human experience in this blog.

Group Blogs

These blogs allow you to be privy to the thoughts of numerous scientists at a time.

  1. QUEST Community Science Blog: This blog discusses science issues at work in Northern California.
  2. Nerdy Science Blog: Find out what the nerds have to say about science in this group blog.
  3. SciScoop: Get the scoop from these well-informed bloggers.
  4. Cosmic Variance: On this blog, you’ll find musings and commentary from physicists and astrophysicists.
  5. ScienceBlogs: ScienceBlogs is home to many popular science blog discussions.
  6. Cocktail Party Physics: Jennifer Ouellette tries to make physics fun and fascinating.


Check out the latest in the natural world on these blogs.

  1. Biosingularity: Here you’ll find advances in biological systems.
  2. Telic Thoughts: This blog offers thoughts on intelligent design.
  3. blog.bioethics: Find out all about the latest in socially and ethically important biological stories here.
  4. Migrations: Along with discussions on migrations, you’ll find evolution, cell biology, and more.
  5. Biology in Science Fiction: Find out how biology is represented in science fiction in this blog.
  6. The ID Update: Here you’ll find news, commentary, and more on intelligent design.
  7. Animal Science Blog: This blog is all about the scientific side of animals.
  8. Twisted Bacteria: This blog offers an interesting look into natural products, microbiology, and actinomycetes.
  9. Bootstrap Analysis: Follow along with this ecologist’s urban field studies.


Whether you’re into hurricanes or climate change, you’ll find what you’re looking for in these blogs.

  1. RealClimate: RealClimate offers a scientific look at oceans, hurricanes, geoengineering, and more.
  2. Storm Center: This blog focuses on hurricane news.
  3. Wunder Blog: Get the underground scoop on weather news with this blog.
  4. WX-MAN’s Perspective: Find out what this weaherman has to say.
  5. Climate Audit: Steve McIntyre offers a unique perspective on climate news and more.


These blogs will encourgae you to check out the little things in science.

  1. nanoscale views: Read this blog to learn about condensed matter and nanoscale physics.
  2. Soft Machines: Here you’ll get a glimpse into the future of nanotechnology.
  3. Responsible Nanotechnology: This blog encourages the responsible use of nanotechnology, now and in the future.


These bloggers serve up the latest in scientific health news and information.

  1. In the Pipeline: In the Pipeline discusses a variety of issues in medicine, specifically pharmaceuticals.
  2. Addiction Inbox: This blog considers the science of substance abuse.
  3. Brain Blogger: On this blog, you’ll find topics ranging from neuroscience to phsychiatry.
  4. Genetics and Health: Here you’ll read all about the intersection of genetics and health.
  5. Praning’s Thoughts: This blog offers news and reflection on radiologic technology and other health care topics.
  6. Stayin’ Alive: Read all about public health and health care policy from a public health perspective here.
  7. The Beauty Brains: These scientists aim to help consumers better understand beauty products.


Stay on top of new technological developments with these blogs.

  1. Machine-Human: Hear about the latest in human-machine interaction and more on this blog.
  2. Technut News: This blog documents our technological future.
  3. Think Artificial: This blog takes a look at the artificial world we’re creating.
  4. Blogging the Singularity: This blogger keeps tabs on new, more powerful technology.
  5. Bot Thoughts: This blog is dedicated to anything and everything robotic.


These blogs will allow you to explore the science of nature.

  1. Invasive Species Weblog: Learn all about invasive plants on this blog and related issues.
  2. Urban Dragon Hunters: These ecologists hunt for odonata in urban Southeastern Michigan.
  3. Fungifest: This blog is obsessed with mushrooms, fungi and other mycology topics.
  4. Botany Photo of the Day: See some of the world’s most beautiful species on this blog.
  5. As the Garden Grows: Take a look at the scientific side of gardening in thos blog.
  6. World Wildlife News Blog: This blog puts a special focus on endangered species.


These science bloggers write with conservation and the environment in mind.

  1. Chemistry for a Sustainable World: This blog offers an insider’s look at green chemistry.
  2. About My Planet: Here you’ll find loads of information for being more environmentally friendly.
  3. Seacoast NRG: offers insightful posts on regional energy issues.
  4. Green Inventions Central: Stay on top of the latest in green technology on this blog.
  5. Al Fin: This blogger is interested in seeing that humanity survives.
  6. An Inconvenient Blog: This blog attempts to save the planet, one blog at a time.

Everyday Application

See how science intersects with your life on a daily basis with these blogs.

  1. Tell Me Why?: This blog will satisfy your curiosity.
  2. Science and Reason: This blog attempts to explain science.
  3. The Human Element: Check out this blog to see random experiments with regular people.
  4. Visualizing Science: This blog sees science in real life.
  5. Sorting Out Science: Sorting Out Science attempts to make science interesting for the uninformed.
  6. The Mr Science Show: This blog offers an accessible look at science.
  7. Odd Planet: This blog has strange science news and more from around the world.


You’ll find just about anything and everything science in this collection of blogs.

  1. Curious Cat: Take a look at science and engineering in this blog.
  2. The Speculist: The Speculist shares thoughts on the future.
  3. The Panda’s Thumb: The Panda’s Thumb is a home for the defenders of truth in science.
  4. Sciencebase: David Bradley casts a skeptical eye on science and technology news.
  5. John Hawks Anthropology Blog: Here, you’ll find lots of issues in paleoanthropology that you won’t find in mainstream science news.
  6. Savage Minds: This group blog delivers posts on culture, history, and much more.
  7. The Disgruntled Chemist: This chemist likes to play with beer.
  8. The Culture of Chemistry: Get a good look into the details of chemistry on this blog.
  9. Chemical Professionals: This blog makes chemical technology information easier to share.
  10. The OddBlog: Take a look at the paranormal, supernatural, unknown, and unexplained on this blog.
  11. The OrangeOrb Blog: The OrangeOrb discusses UFOs, Bigfoor research, and other paranormal activities.
  12. Backreaction: These theoretical physicists share the latest news and commentary on physics.
  13. Physically Incorrect: Here you’ll find weekly posts on physics, mathematics, and general science, including physics puzzles.
  14. Mind Hacks: Check out this blog for tricks to see inside your brain.
  15. The Neurocritic: This blogger casts a critical eye on new developments in brain imaging, neuroscience, and psychopharmacology.
  16. The Mouse Trap: This blog is full of information on congitive and developmental psychology.
  17. Brightest-Kidz: This blog offers ideas for kid-friendly science.
  18. The Science Creative Quarterly: Get a better understanding of making science appeal to kids with this blog.
  19. Online Nursing Degree Database: ONDD, with its blog ‘LiveSmarter’ covers practical science as applied to healthcare as well as breakthroughs in healthier living through science.

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