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Go Beyond Google: 50 Excellent Health Search Engines

Health and medical search engines have become popular over night with the introduction of WebMD and other online health guides. Here’s a top 50 list of all the best health and medical search engines on the Internet that can make you life a whole lot healthier.

Health and Illness Search Engines

  1. HealthLine – This no-frills site lets you search by symptom or treatment. You can even find the specialists that you need with a few simple clicks.
  2. WebMDSearch – This no-frills search engine is connected to WebMD, meaning that you can diagnose yourself and then get info about whatever you’ve got.
  3. Healia – This thorough site has health-related questions and answers, in-depth health guides, and an amazingly supportive series of health communities. This is in addition to the search engine, which lets you scan medical journals, clinical trials, and more.
  4. MyOptumHealth – This site merges illness treatments and fitness suggestions, with a search engine that will help keep your body in optimum shape.
  5. – This search specializes in “alternative/complementary medicine sites,” giving you hundreds of alternative treatment options for whatever ails you.
  6. The Healing Directory – This site and its search engine provide info on everything you need to know about natural healing, alternative medicine, and holistic medicine.
  7. Ask Dr. Mao – This is a great natural health search engine, and the site provides a bevy of natural solutions for all of your health needs.
  8. ReproLine – This great reproductive health search engine also gives you the low-down on all aspects of family planning.

Public Health-Related Search Engines

  1. World Health Organization – This site gives you access to a centralized database of clinical trials from around the world, and is updated every week.
  2. BioHealthBase – To use their own words, this site “provides a comprehensive genomic and proteomic data repository for five pathogenic organism groups that pose a threat to public health.”
  3. – This government site lets you search assorted health databases, find health services, and receive the latest health news.
  4. Medical World Search – The name says it all: this site brings you the latest medical news from around the world in a straightforward, easy-to-digest format.

Health Professional Search Engines

  1. – This is a search engine for physicians and by physicians, specifically designed to leap “over the layman-focused clutter on the internet.”
  2. KMLE Medical Dictionary – As the name says, this site is all about helping you look up specific medical terms.
  3. iMediSearch – This site lets you choose how you’ll search—as the general public, as a physician, as a pharmacist, and many more.
  4. Searching Medicine – This no-frills site is friendly for patients and physicians alike, letting you search through millions of medical sources.

Health Journal Search Engines

  1. Mednar Beta – What sets Mednar apart from the pick is that it surveys everything. If what you need is not in a journal, but buried in a blog or Wiki page, Mednar will find it.
  2. GoPubMed – This search engine offers nifty sidebar tools that let you narrow results by top queries, top journals, and more.
  3. Popline – This site gives you instant search access to the world’s top reproductive health literature.
  4. TextMed – This search engine analyzes over 15 million medical abstracts in order to find you the information you need.

General Health Search Engines

  1. Yahoo! Health – Powered by Yahoo’s powerful search engine, this site has info on everything from Yoga to diets to diabetes.
  2. MedStory Beta – This site follows a simple 3-step formula: search for your general topic, pick a related, specific subsection, and get the in-depth results you need.
  3. Google Directory: Health – This site gives you quick links to a variety of illnesses, from addiction to weight loss and even environmental health.
  4. MedWhat Beta – In addition to offering a thorough search engine, this site has a kind of “tag cloud” that lets you view what has been searched for most often.
  5. – Powered by librarians, this search focuses on taking the clutter out of your queries and getting you better results in the blink of an eye.
  6. Health On the Net Foundation – This slick site lets you search by disease, drug, psychology, anatomy, and many more.
  7. Medscape – In addition to a search that can be narrowed by drugs and other factors, this site brings you all the latest in health news.
  8. National Institutes of Health – This Google-powered, simple search engine lets you survey all of the wisdom of the National Institutes of Health.
  9. SUMSearch – What sets this search engine apart is that it deduces the best way to phrase your question in order to get the most results, maximizing your searching experience.
  10. – Named one of the top 5 medical search engines by, this no-frills site gets you great information in no time at all.
  11. MedicalNDX – This site provides quick searches organized by treatments, diagnoses, adverse effects, and many more.
  12. Medbot Searching Tool – This is something of a “meta” searching site, letting you choose the various search engines with which you’d like to search for medical answers.
  13. FlexFinder Metasearch – This site searches medical sites and the regular web in tandem, doubling your chances of finding whatever information you need.

Find a Doctor and Healthcare Search Engines

  1. Urgent Care Association of America – This search engine lets you find the UCAOA member that’s closest to you.
  2. American Medical Associartion – This is another great site devoted to helping you find the perfect physician with a simple, easy-to-use search.
  3. Administrators in Medicine – This search engine has been around for 13 years, and lets you search for licensing and disciplinary records for physicians, as well as general background info.
  4. Find a Doctor – Like the name says, this site is about finding you whatever doctor or specialist you need.
  5. ChoiceTrust Doctor Search – This site helps you find a doctor from over a 100,000 choices, as well as giving you the key background info on them.
  6. Know Your Teeth – This site helps you find the absolute best dentists in your local area.
  7. – If you’ve got Medicare, this site provides a thorough search engine offering you all of the info you need.
  8. Medic8 – This site focuses on helping you find specific clinics and treatments to help create a better, healthier you.
  9. U.S. Department of Health & Human Services – This sites lets you find and compare hospitals, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into before you stay there.
  10. Tricare: Your Military Health Plan – This military-specific site lets you search for doctors, laboratory, nurses, and more.
  11. Medline Plus – This government site should be bookmarked ASAP. It has links to specialized hospitals and clinics, specialist doctors and dentists, and other healthcare facilities and services.
  12. American Academy of Pediatrics – This site lets you search for an American Academy of Pediatrics pediatrician that lives right around the corner.
  13. MediLexicon – This is something of a one-stop shop for medical info. It has medical news, a medical dictionary, and medical codes, and this is all in addition providing searches for drugs, hospitals, and more.
  14. Spot Healthcare Beta -This search engine for “healthcare professionals” scans “thousands of industry-related websites” to bring you the best search results.
  15. First Ranked – This site is actually a top-notch advertising agency that works with hospitals and doctors to help put their names in lights.
  16. eHealthInsurance – This simple site simply asks for your zip code, and then you get to compare various health insurance plans and even apply online.
  17. Health Insurance Finders – If you are looking for health insurance, check out this site to search by insurance type and ZIP code to get a quote quickly.

These amazing health search engines can help you diagnose illnesses, look up medicines and find a doctor or health insurance. Just remember you should always seek a professional opinion if you are experiencing health problems.

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